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The Minatour Takes a Cigarette Break
Steven Sherrill
Wonderful. The Minatour escapes Theseus and the labyrinth and lives for 5000 years amongst the mortals. He works as a line chef in a restaurant in the USA. Fantastic details about being a line chef, living in a mobile home and the practicalities of having the head of a bull. Good on ablutions and horn care. And very sad. Mainly about loneliness and being ground down by life. Very fine.
Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Star of the Sea
Joseph O'Connor

A fine book. Quite complex and you have to pay attention as it is as several different authorial 'sources' recall the terrible events of the voyage. Good on historical detail about the Irish famine and life on board a ship in the C19th. Great on life in Newgate prison as Pius Mulvey is incarcerated during his misadventures in the criminal underclass. The different strands come together in the end in a satisfying way. Will stand a rereading I think.
Wednesday, June 2, 2004

I read a lot. I usually write the titles of books I've read down in the back of a sketchbook but I might as well write it here. It is about as private I should imagine.