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ediary pages1998 to 2000

This ediary started in 98 which was supposed to be the year of the UK Grid for Learning, the year that UK education went online. I thought it might be an idea to keep an online diary of how it went. Over time it has fallen into disrepair as I was ill for a long period at the beginning of 2000. The ediary is restarting but may well have lost some interest in the UK Grid for Learning. We shall see.
I am the Head of Art in a Middle School in a seaside town in Suffolk on the very east coast of the UK. It is a very rural part of the world with not a lot of industry, some tourism and not a great deal else. I have developed an interest in making web pages and I am interested in teaching ICT and the Web to kids. They might find it comes in handy. Nobody really knows how to teach it as yet. It's wide open.
When the politicians talk about the coming technological and communications revolution which they want schools to embrace then they mean they want folks like me and my friends here are to sort it all out. So this is a diary from the pointy end of the technological education revolution. Might be interesting.
PC 19.11.00

25th August - A Diary of Computing Efforts
9th September - A Pause in the Onward March
19th September - Getting A School Online
9th-14th October - A Few More Web Pages
15th-25th October- A Milling Machine and the Web Club
26th-18th November - Emailed Homework
19th Nov-16th Dec - Connected at Last and an Early Christmas Present
5th-10th January 1999 - A New Term
19th January-We Saw the Future But Couldn't Afford It
24th January 1999 - Freeserve and Pondlife
7th February 1999 - Great Yarmouth and a Dodgy Knee.
31st Oct - 24th Nov 1999 - Restarting the ediary
19th November 2000 - Restarting the ediary yet again

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