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How were these images made?

These images have been made on a home PC using a shareware graphics programme, a scanner and a Hewlett Packard printer. They are based on scanned in photographs made with autofocus 35mm and disposable cameras. These photographs have then been overlaid in the computer with notebook drawings, textures, collage images from various sources and effects from the computer. The results have then been printed out on multiple sheets and glued together to form the exhibition images.

What is the inspiration behind these images?

The landscape around here is well known for it’s rural beauty. It seemed to me that the landscape is mostly experienced from cars these days as people travel through it. Certainly this is the way I experience the landscape on my daily commute from Metfield to Lowestoft. I wanted to make a series of works which are about the landscape from cars and use new technologies in the making. The different elements of the image come from thinking about work and making pictures during the drive to work each day.

What are the drawings in the images?

I got very interested in the way that the scanner allowed me to put in small drawings made in notebooks on site. The drawings were made in Florence at Easter this year. Some are Etruscan figures in the museum there, a drawing of a Marini sculpture, and a couple of Renaissance pieces.

Are these images originals or prints?

In their current form it is unlikely that I would be able to exactly repeat them. They are made by a printing process which does allow repetition of the image. Multiple copies will be limited however. The ‘original’ lies in my computer in various forms.

Is it possible to buy one?

Yes. It is possible to buy one in any of a variety of formats. They can be bought in the form that they exist in the gallery now for £250 unframed. They can also be purchased as a print on a single sheet of A0 paper made by a much larger inkjet printer than mine for the same price. It is possible to buy one at any size of your choice to suit your requirements and budget. Prices start at £25 for an A4 print and can go up to almost 2 x 3 metres.

All prices exclude framing. The inkjet inks are waterbased and the images should be treated as a watercolour.

Contact me by email for further details

List of works in the exhibition


2. Amygdela

3. Creative Industry

4. Just Do It

5. Life Time Learning

6. Horse on the Common

7. Budgens

8. Junction


About the artist

Paul trained at Leicester and Sheffield Polytechnics as a Fine Artist. Since 1982 Paul has exhibited paintings, drawings, photographs, collages and films widely in this country and abroad. Currently Paul is Head of Art at Kirkley Middle School in Lowestoft.


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