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This project has been continually running since 1998. It has spun off into the ShopBox events in Harleston over the past two years. This page links to all of the Hair keypages so far. Hair is a project in a series of art exhibitions showing exciting art in unexpected places around East Anglia. Hair is now in its seventh great year.

The exhibition started when I had a haircut at Douglas's and I suggested to him the idea of having art in his window. Since then Douglas has been a total brick about having a different artist each month coming in to fiddle about in the window. In some small way the show has put the shop on the map. Strangers have even given me directions in Bungay by the hairdressers with the art in the window.

Douglas Adams Haircutting, 2 Upper Olland Street, Bungay, one of the leading haircutting teams in the region. Phone 01986 895580 for an appointment.
If you would like to know more about any of the artists, would like to be put in touch with an artist or would like to take part in the project please email us here.

Hair 98

Hair 99

Hair 2000

Hair 2001

Hair 2002

Hair 2003

Hair 2004