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Art & Photography Links

Canon Cameras

 Gallery of Fascinating Photos

Very fine site of 18 high quality images that download very nicely. They are all amateur photographs from around the world which have won awards.

Simon Biggs An artist programmer

Like nothing else. Word machines download and flicker interactive poems and images across your screen as your mouse wanders about. Strange. Interesting set of links to various European multi-media art groups with untidy html habits.

The Tate Gallery Charles Csuin Interesting Computer artist  

 EllipsisArt organisation

Experimental art on the web.

Edward GoreyAn American illustrator of fine pen and ink style with a sometimes whimsical and sometimes black manner.The Gashleycrumb Tinies are absolutely wonderful. Fix your camera notes

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

Superb site about the industrial heritage of Detroit. The motor factories, department stores and houses of the great motor days of America crumble and decay. Great photographs of some fantastic monuments of industrialisation.
Wonderful site of amazing ideas and wonderfully applied technology. Toys of the Future is superb. Love the music ideas. The musical clothes will be great.
EllipsisArt organisation of Experimental art on the web.

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