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Techie Links and Making Web Pages

Bletchley Park
- geek days out at Bletchley Park where the Enigma codes were broken.

Computer magazine with stacks of links and guidance on making web pages etc. Also exists IRL as a printed magazine.

Making Web Pages
Paul Lutus' Arachnophilia
A good, solid HTML editor which can make your life easier and possibly happier because it's 'careware' (coined by Lutus), the idea being that in exchange for Arachnophilia you do something nice for someone. Stop whining for a day, be appreciative of what you've got... Read what Lutus has to say about it on his Web site.
An excellent guide and a top place to start learning and understanding HTML. The Beginner's Guide to HTML home page is at The guide was originally written by Marc Andreessen who developed the first Web browser, Mosaic, from which Navigator later evolved. The guide has been revised periodically and is available to read on-line, both as a PDF document and as a full-length document suitable for printing off the Web. It really is an essential reference if you're completely new to HTML.
Graphics and Backgrounds

Art Holden at the Animation Factory

Fantastically fine animations.

Gif animation collection.
Graphics at Really Big.Com
Color pickerA chart of all of the colours you need for web pages with the appropriate hexa decimal codes. Clip Art at Really Big.Com

Animation collection at Really Big.ComGood place to download lots of flickering gif type things.
Traditional Japanese patterns for rather graceful and subtle web backgrounds.
Animations & backgrounds collection
Collection of animations and backgrounds
Bunnies Television
Some nice graphics and other stuff.
Web Tools Handbook Beginners Guide to the Web
Site about the history of the web and how it works.
Beginners guide to html
A primer on how to do html.
The World Wide Web Consortium
These are the people who actually run the web and organise how it develops. This site has all of the rules of html and other specifications.
Web Safe Colours
The best colour picking .gif file with all of the colours and codes as used by the Web Club.
Checks out your web site and gives it a thorough M.O.T.
Guardian Links page Lots of links, some of them interesting. The Anorak Digest of the days press. Saves buying them all. Corbis Lots and lots and lots of pictures for free.
Web Pages Made Easy
As if! Web site by a magazine of the same name.
Street Tech Gadget fest. Reviews and comments on a range of gear by technology enthusiasts.

The Cyber Geography Research Site

Beautiful and mind boggling maps of the internet in terms of connectivity and traffic and other aspects. As the Net changes so quickly and is so complex it's a major challenge to graphical representation. Most remarkable though is probably the little smudged drawing on the historical page of the first node on the Arpanet made in 1969.

Understanding File Formats
What should I open this file with exactly?
these web sites should tell you which program will open which file type.
Smaller list but includes links to programs. Biggest list ever.
All the Windows file extensions.    
Techie School Sites Acronym City


BECTA British Educational Communications & Technology Agency

Tesco Schoolnet 2000 European Schoolnet
BT ISP services, ISDN etc  
A good school site in Cambridge. Running a server and a local ISP to pay for itself. Interesting site from the technical side. Has a staff and a student intranet etc.

Loder Primary school in Dorset

Neat primary school site including pupil news and general school stuff.

Virtual Teachers Centre

Part of the National grid for learning. has links to school sites, online resources, advice, meeting room etc.

Good historical site about the great Chicago fire.Good historical site with eyewitness reports, essays and pictures.
Mitel ISDN Connections Eicon Largest ISDN connector distributor in the UK.

Web Video

These folk have invented a way of streaming video which relies on a java enabled browser and nothing else ie none of your fancy plug ins. Why you want to watch a teeny image smaller than a postcard jiggle about way back there in Logi Baird land like this I don't know. Takes yonks to download a clip and crashes your browser too. Huge fun.


Hunts lots of search engines at the same time.

SchoolNet ISP


Links to Schoolsite, html hints and Submit Blaster.

Research Machines ISP etc Easynet ISP
Total Connectivity Services Anglia Net
The Internet Society NGFL National Grid for Learning
Freeserve Online Shopping

Filtering systems to protect surfing children.

Net Nanny

Cyber Patrol

The Anti-Defamation League have also produced what they call a 'Hate Filter' which is supposed to block out racist and other dubious sites run by such charmers as the Ku-Klux Klan and neo-nazi idiots.


Very flash Flashed site by corporate design group. All singing, all dancing high end multi-media graphic design download. Very impressive high end stuff. Switch speakers on.

Where these lovely backgrounds and flickering animations come from. Huge fun.

Scientific Links

Virtual Creatures National Geographic Cats Cells AliveInteresting wobbly animations of cells and bacteria plus diagrams and a lot of information. Good set of links to a lot of other scientific educational stuff.
Your Brain More brain The Mad Scientist NetworkAmazing site. Ask a bunch of professors and experts in a lot of different science subjects a scientific question and they will very thoughtfully answer. Extremely interesting.


English Links

William Shakespeare The British Library Year of Reading.
Paul Lutus' Arachnophilia
A good, solid HTML editor which can make your life easier and possibly happier because it's 'careware' (coined by Lutus), the idea being that in exchange for Arachnophilia you do something nice for someone. Stop whining for a day, be appreciative of what you've got... Read what Lutus has to say about it on his Web site.
Click here for Arachnophilia

Robot Wisdom

Interesting site full of ideas about AI, Robot Wisdom and the net.

The Guardian newspaper Alaska cam Very cold web cams in Alaska and at the South Pole.
Spartacus Educational Urban Legends Reference Page


Links as yet unsurfed Scribble Palm Pilot application
Quentin Crisp
Words words words
Word central
Salon Magazine












Visit .net magazine

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