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The Camera

This did start off better looking but modifications and insulating tape has taken it's toll. It is made out of 2mm mill board, glued together with wood glue. The interior has two pieces of card to make a holder for the photographic paper which is the negative at the moment. It was made as a prototype for a wooden one planned and to iron out design flaws. I have found a few.

The 'door' started off much smaller but it leaked light a lot. So I made a bigger door but that still leaked light because the paint had softened the card a little and the body of the camera was bowing a bit. Now I am taping the camera completely round with insulating tape to ensure a light seal.

The pinhole is made with a little silver shim I bought from Pinhole Solutions last week. I paid 6UKP for ten shims. I made the hole with the tip of a needle against a block of hardwood. Exposures so far have been in the region of a minute on bright autumnal days. Today I made a five minute exposure which has produced a more evenly exposed neg with image to the edges. Shorter exposures have produce a central area of good exposure with a big fall off.

The camera is 180mm x 130mm and 50mm deep. This produces a seriously wide angle view. I am exposing onto old Kodak b&w paper and making contact prints onto the same sort of paper.

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