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Let's try again

19th November 2000 - 5th June 2002

Ediary restarts after long gap and then finally stops for good

19th November 2000

After a long, long gap the ediary should really rebegin. The trouble really started in Jan of this year when a disc in the small of my back exploded rendering me unable to walk for two weeks and convalescing for six months. I wasn't able to sit at the PC or take much interest in anything much so the ediary lapsed. Now I am up and about and back at work and have been since June, picking up the treads of an abandoned project like this has seemed rather difficult. But I should have another go.
Whether the adventures of e-teachers are really that exciting I don't know. The old network is being upgraded and we have a new set of computers in a new room with a projector too. But I have been less involved in the IT recently and now I have got myself a new job in another school.
Perhaps the new ediary should be a bit more general and less IT orientated. Perhaps artistic Suffolk life will provide sufficient grist to this particularly little web mill. We shall see.

5th June 2002

Well, I'd be very surprised if anyone got this far, but, for the record, I got better, I went back to work and then I got a new job at another middle school nearby. I am head of art again, teach ICT two hours a week to Y5 and four periods next year and generally stay interested. PE is still technician at the old place and TH has just got a job as a KS3 ICT consultant for the county. Good for him.
I upgraded my PC with a secondhand 700mhz Pentium, 17 inch screen, CD writer etc. My brother gave me a little graphics pad for Christmas.
The diary has turned into other things. Particularly see This Artist's Life for artistic events of various sorts. And Hair keeps going and we did a big show called ShopBox this year too. I'll be buying a digicam soon and that will probably result in yet more but probably more visual stuff than this scribble. Oh, and look out for the sketchbook pages coming soon.


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